Corporate Conduct Principles

Created as a guide for our actions and decisions, they reflect MONTY’S employees expected mindset and attitude

The Principles of Business Conduct of Monty Group & Co (hereinafter Monty) were drafted in order to maintain our reputation as a reliable stakeholder, and in accordance to the values and principles that guide our decisions and actions. They also reflect the mindset and attitude expected of all Monty’s employees. They embrace the Mission, Vision and Values that comprise the Principles of Business Conduct that govern the daily life of the company.

Monty expects the highest level of integrity and commitment from all of its employees, regardless of the responsibility they may exercise. Maintaining Monty’s good reputation is everyone’s responsibility.

The Principles of Business Conduct described in this document are directed to all employees regardless of their position and country of employment. Every employee must internalize and abide by these principles. Their comprehensive application ensures the excellence to which Monty aspires.

We believe that good corporate governance entails maintaining an intelligent balance of long and short-term interests within a market economy. For this reason we must foster a transparent governance structure that takes into account the interests of all parties: employees, customers, agents, correspondents, shareholders, and society in general.

This can only be achieved by satisfying the interests of all, but especially, and most importantly, by meet and exceeding customer expectations. Only then will we satisfy those who benefit from the success of the company.

Monty focuses on creating long-term value for its shareholders, and offers greater return on investment than the industry average, with practically little or no negative impact on the enterprise’s long-term viability.

Growth in highly developed markets depends on infrastructure anchored by strong ethics principles. Fostering and maintaining our standards is an integral part of our culture even in markets with lower standards.

Monty guarantees the work to be motivating by posing challenges that are both stimulating and entertaining. We believe it is easier to achieve great and awesome things in this corporate environment, and take pride in our achievements, both at the personal and group levels.

We place great importance on having a team made up of people from diverse backgrounds, who are energetic and passionate, and who approach their work, leisure and life creatively. We seek good persons rather than simply good professionals, people who bring new ideas that can be discussed, tested and implemented, whenever possible.

We love and foster concepts such as continuous improvement, disagreement with the status quo, competitive spirit and tolerance of errors. We try to encourage trying and testing new things, even at risk of failure, without punishing the careers of those who dare drive forward.

Monty’s Principles of Business Conduct go beyond laws and regulations and are based on the company’s defining values. They can be summed up as follows: Leadership, Responsibility, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Merit, Clarity, Excellence, Innovation, and Resource Optimization.

The company is not an abstraction, but rather the result of the efforts of all of its members. Applying these principles make us proud of what we do, both individually and as a group.

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