We work with banks and non-banking financial institutions

Monty distributes the transactions to each destination through the correspondent network. We work with nationally, and internationally reputed banks and non-banking institutions.

Monty is a member of SWIFT [code: MNTYESMM], which enables us to guarantee excellent service and immediate payment, access to money laundering prevention tools and to position our company as one of the main players in the field.

Compliance with regulations is a constant

We only work with top-level institutions of proven solvency and spotless reputation, which comply year after year with all the applicable legislation of the countries in which we provide the service. Compliance with the highest standards set by the regulations and recommendations regarding the prevention and detection of money laundering, and prevention of terrorism funding, is a constant among our correspondents.

Our team serves customers and agents 365 days a year

To ensure exceptional service quality, we have an experienced team of experts that provides personal attention to customers and agents in several different languages ​(Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Urdu and Russian), 365 days a year, between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm.

Online payment service in real time

We provide an online payment service at most payment points: a real-time connection with our correspondents enables remittances to be available to the beneficiary the moment the transaction is accepted at the point of origin.

Immediate exchange of information with our correspondents

Streamlining and integration between systems enables us to immediately exchange information with correspondents, which in turn allows us to notify our customers regarding the status of their transactions at all times.

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