165 countries

You can send money to 165 different countries, including most major European destinations (Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands).

Pay by cash, direct deposit into a bank account, mobile phone, or by courier

Since 2004, Monty has been striving to reach agreements with the main correspondents in each country, in order to provide you with every possible form of payment: in cash, by direct deposit into a bank account, and, in some countries by depositing funds to your mobile phone or by courier to a specified address, all in a matter of minutes.

Secure remittances and monitoring based on cutting-edge technology

We guarantee that your money travels safely, as we continuously monitor your order using the latest technology available.

Find out where you can send money from and how to do it

Select the country of origin on the interactive map below to find out where and how you can send money.

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