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We strive to make your work as simple, fast and intuitive as possible. However, we understand that doubts about our service may arise. We provide you with the most frequently asked questions performed by our agents in case they help you clarify your doubts. If you do not find the answers to your questions in this section, remember you can contact us here


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Accumulated limit

The maximum accumulated amount you can send through our page is 1,200€ in 30 days.

Can an operation be cancelled and my money returned?

Yes, you may request for an operation to be cancelled. We guarantee you will be able to get your money back as long as it hasn’t already been received by the beneficiary. For this reason, before returning the money, we will contact the payment agency to confirm whether or not they have paid the money sent.

100% Money-back Guarantee from Clicktransfer

Everyone trusts Clicktransfer
Clicktransfer’s 100% money-back guarantee
Everyone trusts Clicktransfer

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Can I register or perform my first operation from my mobile phone?

Our mobile website is designed for you to register and perform your operations conveniently. You can send money on your way to work, walking on the street or anywhere you want.

From which countries can you send money using Clicktransfer?

At the moment, Clicktransfer services are only available in Spain. However, we aim to progressively extend the areas where we operate. see interactive Map Find out more about our service online here

How do I know if they money I’ve sent has been delivered?

The payment agent will inform us once it has delivered the money to your beneficiary. It is possible that they don’t inform us immediately and so your operation may still appear as pending payment though your beneficiary has already received the money.
As soon as the payment agency notifies the delivery of your operation to us, we will update its status.
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How do I know the status of my operation?

You will find a section on your main page that shows the list of operations that are pending and their status. If there are several of these, you can select the one you wish to consult. The status bar will update itself as the transfer process progresses.

How do I lodge a complaint?

If you wish to lodge a complaint, you can do so by sending us an email, by phone or using the online form. If you have a question or problem regarding a specific operation you can start an incident report from the Operations Log. You can also find forms for lodging a complaint or making suggestions in the Contact section. Find out more about our service online here

How do I pay my transfer?

You can choose from among the four different methods of payment at your disposal:

Credit / Debit card: you can have up to two credit / debit or prepaid cards active simultaneously and select one of them as default. For safety reasons, you can only add or modify one card per month.

Bank account: transfer the amount you want to send from your own bank into our own bank account, provided here.

  • Holder: Clicktransfer
  • Bank name:
  • IBAN:

Cash deposit: you can deposit the money for your operation in cash into our account using ATMs with note counters:

  • Holder: Clicktransfer
  • Bank name:
  • IBAN:
How is the money delivered to my beneficiary?

When you transfer money, choose your preferred option out of the different payment possibilities available in the country of destination: payment in office, deposit into bank account, home delivery. Payment in office: your beneficiary will receive their money at the point of payment you choose. Some of our payment agencies allow payment at any of the offices in their network and so the beneficiary can visit the office closest to them. Don’t forget to give them the payment code as in such cases it is compulsory for payment. If you wish, you can arrange to send it via SMS to your beneficiary.

Deposit into account: the money will be transferred directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. Remember you must register the beneficiary’s bank accounts correctly. If they are incorrect, we will contact you to correct them as soon as possible.

Home delivery: in some countries, you have the choice for your beneficiary to receive their money at home. To this end, you will need to register their full address and our agent will take the money to their door quickly and securely.

How long can an operation be withheld?

If your transfer has been withheld for any reason more than three days, the operation will be automatically cancelled.

How much money can I send when I deposit in cash?

Our platform will allow you to send a minimum of 20€ and a maximum of 500€ per operation, regardless of the method of payment chosen. Please remember that if you pay in cash, the total amount of the operation (the amount sent plus the commission) and hence the amount you must deposit, must be a multiple of 5€.

Is it necessary for my beneficiary to have a phone number?

Yes, a phone number is necessary to be able to contact the beneficiary to coordinate with them the collection of the money. We also need to be able to contact your beneficiary somehow if the operation is modified or in the case of other unforeseen circumstances.

Is my money safe?

Our technology allows us to carry out operations with the maximum security possible. Besides protecting your information, we also have in place security controls on our servers which prevent any attempts at entering our system.

Is there a Clicktransfer app?

We currently have a mobile-optimised version of the website, from which you can also access the classic version if you prefer. We will let you know when we have fully developed our App with your preferences and most common functionalities.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit to the amount sent?

In order to guarantee that our services are not used for money laundering purposes or to finance terrorism, we have established a maximum amount of 500€ per operation. Furthermore, to avoid problems regarding some agencies that don’t pay out small amounts, the minimum amount you must send is 20€.

Is there an additional charge for my beneficiaries?

You bear all the costs of the operation, so the beneficiary won’t have to pay for receiving money at destination.

What are the commissions for sending money?

You can alway consult the commission and exchange rate applicable to the transfer in the operation’s summary. This way, there will be no surprises.

To understand our commissions, access our simple transfer simulator.

What currency are beneficiaries paid in?

The currencies available will vary according to each country. Whenever a multiple-currency service exists in a country, you will be able to choose in which currency your beneficiary will be paid.
If you want to see the currencies available in a specific country, click here.

What do I do first: deposit the money or create the Clicktransfer operation?

You can choose whichever option is most convenient for you but we recommend you deposit the money first since your operation will not be processed until your deposit has been confirmed. In this way, you save time and your beneficiary won’t have to wait as long.

What does Clicktransfer do to protect my information?

Clicktransfer has high security data-protection systems in place and takes all necessary security measures to avoid the theft of our clients’ personal information. Security is an obsession for us and we dedicate the time and resources necessary to protect you at all times. If you want to know more about data protection, click here.

What exchange rate is applied to the transfer?

When you perform an operation and decide which payment agency you wish to use, we will show you the exchange rate applicable to your operation. You will always be able to choose the payment agency you prefer using, from among those available.

The exchange rate applicable to your operation will be clearly and visibly shown in the summary of your operation and also in your receipt, which will contain all the information you have provided in the process.

What happens if the beneficiary’s account information I provide is incorrect and I don’t realise?

Don’t worry. The payment agency will reject your transfer when the account information and name of the account holder don’t match. We will notify you so you can modify the account information. Find out more about our service online here

What happens when my identity document expires?

We will remind you that you need to renew your document and send us a copy of your new document once you have it. You will be unable to operate until we have a copy of your new document. Find out more about our service online here

What hours are Customer Services available?

Our Customer Services are available 09:00 to 22:00 (CET) Monday to Saturday and 10:00 to 22:00 (CET) on Sunday. You can settle any doubts or incidences via email, the application’s claims system, our social networks and our hotline.

What is an International Bank Account (IBAN)?

The IBAN code is an alphanumeric code (composed by numbers and letters) that identifies a given bank account in a European financial institution. This code identifies the country, institution, branch and account number.

Both if you choose to pay your operation through transfer or cash deposit into our account, you will need to give our IBAN code so that your money is deposited into Clicktransfer’s bank account.

When can I send money?

Our Internet platform is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You must take into account that your operation will only be processed once we have confirmation of your deposit.

Where can you send money to with Clicktransfer?

Clicktransfer can send money to 150 countries across the world with more than 200,000 payment offices. You can see the complete list of countries and find information about the different currencies we pay in by clicking on the interactive map Where We Send To. Find out more about our service online here

Where do I pay my cash transfer?

Here is a map of all the ATMs where you can make cash deposits.
Enter your address or post code to show you those that are closest.
This option is only valid for ATMs of “La Caixa” with note-counting capabilities.

Which identity documents are accepted?

Below is a list of identity documents accepted in accordance with current legislation:
Spanish National or Resident Identity Document (DNI, NIE)
Residence Permit issued by the Home Office (NIF)
Passaport (Spanish or other).
ID from country of origin, for European Union member states.
Find out more about our service online here

Why can I only send multiples of 5€ if I deposit in cash?

ATMs only accept notes. For this reason, when you select payment in cash, we will remind you that you must round the amount you wish to send to adapt it to the form of payment you chose.
For instance: imagine you want to send 200 USD to Miami. The total amount payable in such case will be 153.70€, commission included. Because you are unable to deposit this amount in the ATM, we will offer you the option to round the amount you must deposit to 150€ or to 155€, adjusting the amount to be delivered at destination accordingly.

Why do I have to register with Clicktransfer to send money?

All our users must be registered with our platform providing an email address, password and mobile phone number. The aim of this is to avoid other people from using your account and sending money in your name. In this way we also guarantee a way of contacting you, if necessary.

You can rest assured we will never convey your information for commercial purposes. However, if you have any doubts you can consult our Privacy Policy section.

Why do I need to perform my first transfer through a bank account?

We are obliged by law to verify your identify reliably. The online platform allows you to operate without being present in person. For this reason, it is compulsory for you to perform your first transfer operation with us through an account of which you are the holder. In this way, we can make sure it is you who is operating with your identity and not someone else.

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